Our Donors

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Bernie and Darlene Conway

Bernie attended grade school and high school at the Berwyn School in Gene Autry. High school revealed that he liked science and math but his main interest was basketball. Being adjacent to the Air Force Base, he developed a keen interest in the Air Force and loved...

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Bessie Bradley / Champ "Clark" Carney Endowment

The Bessie Bradley / Champ “Clark” Carney Endowment was created by a family who believed in education and helping others. Throughout the years, Bessie Bradley has written to various MSC Foundation directors about scholarship recipients. She wanted to know more about...

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Elizabeth Stobaugh Pyle Foundation

According to family documents, John J. and Lovie Stobaugh arrived in Tishomingo by train in the autumn of 1902 from Harrison, Arkansas where Mr. Stobaugh had been practicing law. Both graduated from college in Lebanon, Tennessee. Mrs. Stobaugh was a charter member of...